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Ellie Durant

Wholehearted Midwives

Ellie Durant

Welcome to Wholehearted Midwives

We were never meant to do midwifery on our own. Click 'Choose a Plan' to start your Free Trial.

Why You Should Join Us

I’ve set up Wholehearted Midwives as a private, off Facebook support group. 

We’re here for you in whatever way you need us but mostly we remind members that:

  • Everyone has challenges, it's how you solve them that counts
  • You’re a strong, rocking, awesome, empathetic student/midwife
  • Sharing your stories and listening to other midwives is key – hearing from those who’ve got through the stage you’re at is essential

What we chat about:

  • Being addicted to birth and gaining midwifery skills
  • Reassurance that it’ll all be okay on those tired legs/mentally drained days
  • Recognition on what you’re good at so you can take it forward
  • Conversations on compassionate midwifery skills so you can gain an excellent rep
  • Being a group that has your back: ask us whatever, whenever
  • Perspective on the many things you’re doing right

Why I set up Wholehearted Midwives: a story of me being a prat.

A few years ago, I left midwifery to work on my blog and books. But actually, I left because of night shift.

When I was practising in New Zealand, I was also training for a half marathon, writing a novel, running my business and doing conversion exams. I was getting up at 5 to get a start on it all before a 7am shift and working in the evening too.

How could there be anything wrong? I was nuts for midwifery and life.

I thought I just had a regular aversion to nights.

But on runs of nights.... I’d fantasise about whether I could get my bike hit by a car on the way in.


And between you and me, it did get a bit more stupid than that. It's not something I can talk about and I was a hypervigilant, excellent midwife. But some of the coping strategies and thought patterns are not things I'd want my Mum to know about.

I'm not sure I could have explained any of this, I wasn't good at thinking about it at the time. I didn't think I could be very helpful to as a non-night shift midwife. I thought a lot about whether I was making it up because I just did fancy working at night. 

So instead I gave in my notice, published two midwifery books, and founded a 24,000 strong midwifery community.

A bit of an overreaction.

What I needed was for someone to ask me how I was doing and to point out I was being a total lunatic idiot and drawing boundaries was okay.

Cut to three years later, I went to an ARM midwife at my local hospital and asked for her advice.

She booked me an appointment with the Head of Midwifery...and, one GP appointment and sleep researcher advice session later, turns out I was having PTSD symptoms and I'll be clinical again in 2020, sans nights.

There was a lot of ugly but happy crying.

I was this close to never coming back at all. (Thanks midwives who helped!)

What I learnt:

We were never meant to face midwifery alone.

Hence Wholehearted Midwives. I'm trying to make it so you don't take 3 yrs to discuss things that could be instantly resolved by the hive mind :D 

p.s. it's £4.99/month and I know, I know...Obviously, I'd love to run this for free but two big midwifery forums have recently failed through lack of funds.

Since 2013 I’ve run a midwifery support business and I’ve learnt, you put money in and resources and community comes out.

I’m charging because I want to make this sustainable.

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